American Open 2011

US Open Tennis Championships in beautiful Meadows, Queens, is one of the premier sporting events in the world.

The US Open Tennis Tournament is the last event of the four most important tennis events that make up the Grand Slam. The US Open is organized in the last weeks of August and the first weeks of September, straddling the Labor Day holiday with its 2 weeks of play. 2011 US Open Tennis tournament 2011 give the assurance to be full of grunts, groans, and glory. 2011 U.S open brings together spectacular images of some of the best players to grace the court.

The US opens consecutively to be one of the largest tennis tournaments on the professional tennis circuit.

The 2011 US Open will be played in Flushing, New York. US Open Tennis Packages included US Open match tickets, comfortable hotel accommodations in the NYC area, and much more. The 2011 U.S open tournament contain of five dissimilar tennis event championships. They have the men's and women's singles tournament, the men's and women's doubles tournament and mixed doubles tournaments. The last of the four Grand Slam events, the US Open is played at a variety of venues at the USTA National Tennis Center. The main attraction of the complex is Arthur Ashe Stadium, which holds approximately 25,000 fans.

There is also the 10,000-seat Louis Armstrong Stadium, which previously was the primary court until Arthur Ashe Stadium debuted in 1997. There are many other courts on the grounds, and you can check out numerous matches during the day with your United States Open tennis.