Chess World Championship

The World Chess Championship is played to conclude the World Champion in the board game chess. Both men and women are qualified to contest this title.

The official world championship is usually regarded to have begun in 1886, when the two most imperative players in Europe, William Steinitz and Johann Zukertort, played a match. From 1886 to 1946, the champion set the terms, requiring any contestant to raise a sizeable stake and defeat the champion in a match in order to be converted into the new world champion. From 1948 to 1993, the championship was administered by FIDE, the world chess confederation. In 1993, the reigning champion (Garry Kasparov) insolvent away from FIDE, leading to the formation of two rival championships.

This situation remained until 2006, when the title was combined at the World Chess Championship 2006.

The present world champion is Viswanathan Anand , who won the World Chess Championship 2007 and successfully protected his title alongside former world champion Vladimir Kramnik in the World Chess Championship 2008, and again alongside the challenger Veselin Topalov in the World Chess Championship 2010.In addition, there is a divide event for women only, for the title of Women's World Champion, and take separately competitions and titles for juniors, seniors and computers. Computers are debarred from competing for the open title.