Cricket World Cup

It is the most impressive competition of One-Day International cricket.

The Cricket World Cup has organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC), the leading governing association. World cup is one of the biggest tournaments that everyone loves. There was first Cricket World Cup contest held in England in 1975. Women's Cricket World Cup has been also held every four years since 1973.The finals of the Cricket World Cup have to contest by all ten Test-playing and One day International-playing nations. The one day cricket matches consisted of 50 over per team and it plays with traditional his own uniform and red balls but test cricket consists 90 over per team and it play with white uniform and red balls.

There have one day matches held every four years in cricket world cup.

A series of qualified teams have to play before the World Cup finals. The teams from 16 nations determine during the world cricket championship. The host country for each tournament is decided by the International Cricket Council (ICC). Although the sports are very old but the tournament of cricket has only existed since 1975. Around the time of the World Cup, the cricket community was facing difficulty to increase its membership which had previously consisted of present and former countries of the British Commonwealth. The ICC has responded by creating different types of membership status for new competitors. By 2007, the ICC had designed six slots in the World Cup Finals for new teams.