Euro Cup

Euro Cup generally known as UEFA Football championship is the competition of the men's national football teams.

It has controlled by Union of European Football Association (UEFA). The tournament has held since 1960 every four years. It was originally known as UEFA European Nations Cup changing in 1968. In 1992, it has changed to Euro Cup. Most successful team is Germany with 3 titles. Spain is the current champion with 2 title holder.

Euro Cup History

The European Football tournament was first introduced by the French Football Federation in 1927. The First tournament was held in 1960 in France.

It had four teams reached in the final out of 17 teams. That match was won by Soviet Union beating Yugoslavia by 2-1.

In 1964, Spain had hosted the tournament and also won the title beating first Euro Cup holder Soviet Union. There are 29 countries had qualified in 1964 European Cup. 1968 European Football tournament was won and hosted by the Italy. It was the first and only time matches decided by coin toss in the semifinal against the Soviet Union. Belgium hosted the 1972 Euro Cup but that was won by the West Germany, beating USSR by 3-0 in Brussels. After this tournament Germany had to come of the winner of 1974 FIFA world cup. In 1976 tournament, Czechoslovakia won the title beating West Germany by new rule as Penalty Shoot. Antonin Panenka had shot this newly introduced style.

Italy again hosted the 1980 Euro Cup and West Germany won the second title. France won their major title at home in 1984 European Cup. Captain of France Michal Platini scored nine goals in just five games. The 2008 tournament has hosted by Austria and Switzerland. Spain has won by defeating Germany. It is the second time the Spain win the title after the 1964 tournament.