The Football Association Cup, commonly known as the FA Cup.

This is usually refers as English men tournament. FA Cup is the oldest football tournament of the world. The First time FA cup was held in 1871-72. That was the oldest association football competition of the world. There are a record of 674 teams have entered the FA Cup in 2005-2006. Now 762 teams are the members of FA Cup. The big record had set in 1887 when Preston North End defeated Hyde United 26-0. The first final was played in 1923 at Wembley drew over the crowd of 200000 viewers. Most Successful team is Manchester United with 11 title and current champion of the FA Cup is Chelsea with 6 titles.

Chelsea won the double title for the first time in their history by taking out the 2009/10 English Premier League title and 2010 FA Cup.

FA Cup 2011

FA Cup is 2011 is the 130th final of the world oldest football club competition. Total 806 clubs applied to participate in this tournament. But only 759 clubs have allowed for entered in FA Cup 2010/11. The 2011 FA Cup has started from Saturday 14th August as Extra Preliminary Round with fixture of 201 teams. Preliminary round will held on 28th august 2010 with 166 fixtures. With fixture of 116, the first qualifying round will commence from September 11, 2010 and last fourth qualifying round will be held on October 23, 2010 with 32 teams.

First round proper will start on 6th November 2010 with 40 fixture and end with sixth proper round on 12th March 2011 with 4 fixtures. Semifinal will be held on 16-17 April 2011. FA Cup 2011 Final will be place on 14th May 2011 at Wembley Stadium.