Hockey World Cup

Hockey World Cup is an international hockey competition organized by International Hockey Federation (FIH).

It was formerly known as Hockey World Championship. The game is held every four years between the summer Olympics. Hockey world cup was first introduced by Pakistan's air marshal Nur Khan. He proposed the idea to the FIH. Pakistan is the successful team of the hockey world cup having won the four times. Netherlands won the three titles. Germany and Australia each have won two titles. India has won only one title.

Hockey World Cup History
The first time the hockey world cup was founded in 1971 by FIH.

In 1971 the first hockey world cup had played. The Barcelona and Spain are the host nations. Pakistan was won the match over Spain by score 1-0. The second time Amstelveen and Netherlands host the match in 1973.

Netherland had won the tournament by 4-2 as penalty stroke against India. India won the third hockey world cup against Pakistan, scored 2-1 in 1975. The host nations are Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. In 1978, Pakistan won the second title of world cup over the Netherland by the score 3-2 held in Buenos Aires and Argentina. After 1978 hockey world cup the format has changed. The tournament began to hold in duration of four years. Pakistan won again the title against West Germany by 3-1 in 1982. That match was held in Mumbai, India. Australia won the title of 1986 against England held in London.

1990 Hockey world Cup champion was Netherland. They were won over Pakistan and also host by Pakistan. In 1994 Pakistan won the fourth title against Netherland hosted by Sydney, Australia. Netherland won the third title in 1998 over Spain. The game was also hosted by Netherland. 2002 hockey world cup was hosted by Malaysia. Germany was the winner of that title against Australia. Germany again won the second title of 2006 world cups over Australia same as 2002 world cup. In 2010 hockey world cup, India hosted the match and Australia is the current winner over Germany by 2-1 goal.