Hockey is the one of the popular games of the world. The game played between two teams with curved stick and a small hard ball.

The length and width of hockey fields is 100/60 yards rectangular field. Goal post is 7 feet high and 12 feet high. The semi-circle is of 16 yards from the goal that known as the shooting circle. The dotted line from the semi-circle is of 5 yards. The line across the field from the each end line and in the center of field is 25 yards. Penalty spot or stroke mark has placed at 7 yards from the center of each goal.

Hockey History

The hockey is the world old civilization game. It known as one of the oldest sports, the game is believed to be existence about 1200 years before ancient games of Olympia.

The European colonists in Argentina in the 16th century described game like hockey of the Araucano Indians known as the twisted one from the twisted end of the stick used by players.

In the middle Ages, games like hockey were played all over Europe. It was known as cambuca in England, shinty in Scotland, jeu de mail in France, and het kolven in The Netherlands. Even if many ancient civilizations had played hockey in different variations, the modern game of hockey and the field hockey developed in the British Iceland in the 19th century. In 1895, the first International match was played between England and Ireland. Hockey was included in modern Olympics games in 1908. Hockey became the popular in India when the British had played the games in India. Spreading internationally.

the popularity of the game was particularly bouncy in India and Pakistan. It was during the time that the London Hockey Association was current formed and the rules for playing hockey were consistent