ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

Cricket world cup is the fourth largest and one of the most willingly and viewed event of the cricket world organized every four years.

It is widely measured to be the height of achievement in this sport.Cricket is most exciting entertainment for the people of approximately all over the world, and cricket world cup has more importance in human life than a cricket match. The cricket matches are extremely popular among the people of every age children, youngsters, old and most women also take interest in cricket matches. In the world, most of the people have become the affair of life and death for cricket match. They can't accept the defeat of their beloved country. The ICC organized the cricket world cup every four years. ICC handle all the needs of this mega event and decided to where organized cricket world cup. .

To avoid discrimination, the ICC prefers to turn around venues between major cricket playing nations.

The provision of world cup is always a greatly sought after event with major cricketing nations commanding for hosting rights.The ICC and host nations have decided to a shortened tournament in 2011. Qualification for the small cricketing nations is a long and difficult process. The ICC Cricket World Cup has been organized for teams without test rank and the top sides from this global competition will gather in the United Arab Emirates in 2009 to participate in the ICC Trophy, the final qualification contest for the 2011 finals.