IIHF World Championship

The International Ice Hockey Federation or IIHF is the international governing body for ice hockey and in-line hockey.

It is founded in 1908 in Paris as the Ligue International de hockey sur glace par Louis Magnus, it is based in Zurich, Switzerland and counts 65 member. It is additionally to its governing functions, liable for arranging 12 international competitions and maintains the IIHF World Ranking. Its present president is former Swiss player Rene Fasel. Every year all world's best ice hockey nations are fight for the champion title.

2011 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships

During the 75th IIHF World Championship, the world's best ice hockey nations will crown their champion for the first time on Slovak ice. Sixteen teams will take part a total of 56 games among April 29 and May 15, 2011. The tournament is set to begin off with a preliminary round of four groups, every containing four teams. Men's World Ice Hockey Championships is part of the Ice Hockey World Championships and will be hosted in Slovakia's two biggest cities - Kosice and Bratislava. This will be the first time the independent Slovak Republic has hosted the World Championships, making them the only team to win a WC (2002) before hosting them.

However, this will be the third time that Bratislava has co-hosted the World Championships. The first two times were 1959 and 1992, each time with Prague, and while part of Czechoslovakia. It is the 75th such occasion hosted by the International Ice Hockey Federation. Teams representing 48 countries will take part in four levels of competition. The contest will also serve as qualifications for the 2012 competition.