Olympic Games 2012

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be take place in London in between 27 July to 12 August 2012 This will actually be the third time that London will have hosted to modern Olympic Games, with the other two times being in 1908 and then again in 1948.

It will be a very exciting occasion for London, Londoners, and visitors to the city. Preparations for the London 2012 Summer Olympics are now very well happening and this event is historically significant for the city.

London 2012 Summer Olympic Games

The 30th Olympic Games are expected to attract thousands of tourists in a city that is already admired with visitors and crammed with its own locals.

In preparation, London is reworking their transportation system in order to be able to cope with the influx.

Improvements to the transportation network were important in winning the bid and the goal of Olympic organizers is to have 100% of spectators arriving by public transport and 80% of athletes a short 20 minute commute from their event.The London 2012 Olympic venues will be a mix of new and old facilities, including some historic London landmarks. The excel London also sits in a spectacular location. London has plenty of places to stay, from lavishness hotels to budget beds, with accommodation options to suit every taste and every budget.

The Olympic Stadium will be situated at the south of the Olympic Park on an island site surrounded on three sides by waterways, within simple walking distance of the Olympic Village and warm-up amenities. Transport links will make it simple for visitors staying in central London to find to the 2012 venues. The London 2012 Organizing Committee are aiming for 100 per cent of spectators to get to the Games by public transport, cycling or on foot. They are transforming the Lower Lea Valley into one of the best connected areas in the capital.