Olympic Medals

During the Olympic Games, the Olympic Medals is honored to champion of their particular sports events. The Gold, Silver and Bronze, three types of medal are categorized. On the time of ancients Olympic, there was no medals presented to champions of their particular events but offered an olive wreath to the winner. It has made from branch of olive tree that was breed at Olympia.

In the year 1896, when the modern Olympic games was started, there was also not considered for gold medal. At that time, the silver medal and olive branch was given to winners and bronze medal and laurel branch was given to runners up competitors.

In 1904, starting of summer Olympic, the IOC has assigned the medal as gold, silver and bronze to the athletes who place at top three in sequence. The medals are modified with new appearances and designs during the interval. During the rewarding time, there are not only medals given to top competitors, the athletes who get place to eighth and above also granted by diploma. On the wall of every host stadium, the name of all medal winners is also putted.

2012 Olympics Game Medal

The London Olympic Games are remained for few months and there are great expectations of happening one of the best events forever. There are more than 10000 athletes and approximate three hundreds events will be played for 19 days. The Sporting events will begin on the dates of 27th July and end on the dates of 12th August. The 2012 Olympics game medal are prepared and designed by British artist David Watkins. The medals are also designed with the images of small girl with very good posture. The designs of medals are also motivate athletes itself. Each unique medal mirrors the athlete's own story and their achievement. Each medal is made with the weight of 375g to 400g and the sport and discipline of the holder will be imprinted on the rim. The back sides of medal also includes with controversial 2012 London Games logo over a ribbon that represents the river Thames and through the middle of London.

For the Olympic Games 2012, there are much efforts are paid for creating medals that will held granted to all successful competitors for their specific sports. With the 302 medals, the people and IOC also expect that this mega event will be great shows and one of the top athletes are also collect maximum medals by their performance. The competitors also expect lots to do in this Olympic. Just plan for your desired sporting events and get lots enjoy of sports and also of the time of granting medals.