Rugby World Cup

Rugby is a sport that is enjoyed every corner of the world, throughout the countries of the British Commonwealth in specially.

It is a grueling sport that involves 15 players on both side and is chiefly fanatically supported in countries such as New Zealand and Wales where they see it as their chief national sport. Due to the fame of the sport after every four years there is a Rugby World Cup where all of the top teams in the world come to test themselves against each other in pursuit of the big prize of all.

2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand

The Rugby World Cup is the leader international competition. The 2011 Rugby world cup will be the 7th version take place at New Zealand in September 2011 much to the enjoyment of rugby-loving New Zealanders the all over the world.

Rugby is a passion for New Zealanders, that the world cup is coming down under to a real religious home'. The much expected tournament kicks off on Friday 9 September at Eden Park in Auckland and end in the same place on Sunday 23 October. The semi finals match will also be held in Auckland on 15th and 16th October 2011. The quarter finals will be take place in Christchurch and Wellington (2 games each) on the 8th and 9th October 2011. 20 teams are to fight for the title in the next World Cup.

The previous World Cup was played in 2007 in France, and South Africa became the second team to win it two times defeating England the holders in the final. Every one now look forward to 2011 with a World Cup will return to New Zealand. Will they finally be able to beat their daemons and with it for a second time? Time will tell.