World Rowing Championships

The World Rowing Championships is an exciting international rowing regatta organized by FISA (the International Rowing Federation).

It is a week long occasion take place at the end of the northern hemisphere summer and in non-Olympic years is the highlight of the international rowing calendar. The first event was take place in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1962. The event then was take place every 4 years until 1974 - when it became a yearly competition. Also in 1974, Men's lightweight and Women's open weight events were include to the championships. In 1985, Women's lightweight events were including to the schedule.

2011 World Rowing Championships

The 2011 World Rowing Championships will be take place between August 28 ? September 4. It will be the largest international sports event to be held in Lake Bled, Bled, Slovenia. Lake Bled is one of Slovenia's most famous glacial lakes. This lake is completely surrounded by mountains and forests, the Assumption of Mary's Pilgrimage Church sits on a small island in its centre while a castle looms down from the north shore.

The reality that the lake is only 2,3 00 meters long means that the whole course can be seen well from the shore that combined with the unique island in the middle of the lake (500 meters before the finish line), and the proximity of accommodation is the key to an remarkable championships. The lake is especially famous among rowers and hosted the World Rowing Championships in 1979 and in 1989, and is set to again in 2011.