Youth Olympic Games 2012

The Youth Olympic Games is a modern international sporting event organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for young athletes and present many exciting initiatives to attach young people around the world to the Olympic Movement.

The youth Olympics offer high-level competitions, as main aim to teach young blood to Olympic values and the benefits of sport. Participant share their experiences with others around the globe, as they grow to become true Olympians. The Youth Olympic Games inspire youth around the world to embody embrace, and express the Olympic values of Friendship, Excellence and Respect. London is the host of the 2012 Olympics. An estimated number of 80,000 volunteers will help turn the Olympic Games into a memorable event.

For the London 2012 Games, Advance technology will play a very bigger role in two areas.

Firstly, in improving access to information as audiences universal expect more detailed and vibrant information to be delivered. As it happens, to an increasingly complex network of channels.Secondly, the high technology infrastructure will also enable a sustainable Olympic Games. 2012 youth Olympic will create a lasting sports, education and culture legacy for London and youths from around the world, as well as elevate and enhance the sporting culture locally and regionally.